Precious Metals Income and Revenue Strategies

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Two days away from the start of 2011 and less than 5% of the population of North America is aware of the forty or more new laws beginning in the New Year which will directly affect them, this fact makes it more difficult for any economist or trends forecaster to accurately present plausible information based indicators which might provide some probable possibilities as to where the society is headed.

We do know that the QE2 process will further undermine the value of the US dollar and all economies attached to it worldwide, so the US government proposed the idea that a devalued dollar will somehow enable more US exports is by all reasons questionable, considering that the problem with this premise is the fact that the US manufacturing capacity is almost none existent except for its agricultural and military hardware industries, which combined employ less than 00.3 percent of the total number of those employed in the US.

Everywhere we turn in society we often encounter some sort of fiscal or economic crisis of a current nature or one that is in the making, so as the disinformation campaigns which promote stock market gambling ramps up, remember, smart money navigates towards precious metals and real assets of enduring value.

If each of us were to look at our current lives as a three-dimensional chess board subject to today’s world of enhanced rules and regulations, would present to us an expressed road map illustrating the following endeavors and preconditions which we all are encumbered with in one way or another.

Here is where we all essentially have fifteen economic and or financial moves available to us all with twenty-two or more flags to avoid or counteract, these financial and or economic moves are:


Self Employed

Entrepreneur or Business Owner


Credit Cards and or Loans of some kind



Family Collective Living and Support

Friends and Community Support

International Living and Business

Retirement, State Welfare, Government help, or Unemployment benefits


Illegal Activities to generate income


Natural living in Nature

These are the not-so-obvious moves that many US citizens currently have available to them in some form or another, however, unlike the chest board ruled by linear movement calculations, half of the options are linear and limited while half are not linear and limited about how much one or a collective could prosper and thrive under any adversity, from this list you must determine where you are and ultimately where you would like to be.

This set of differentials simply allows the reader to visualize the full spectrum of what constitutes financial and or economic livelihood, and from these categories, it is possible to redraw a map of none linear limited options, now onto the flags, this is where the path gets quite rocky, therefore it is necessary to eliminate any bias you may harbor while reviewing these flags

Capital Controls of some form or another

Bank withdrawal limits

Possible Limited Bank Holidays

Highly Plausible Attacks Aimed at Precious Metals Acquisition in some form or another

Highly discouraging measures taken to limit international travel

Substantial Limitations on internet content

Progressive Government Poverty Assimilate Measures

Assets taxed disproportionately

Aggressive new tax laws that bite hard

Reduced Government Support

Government Imposed Austerity

Massive Unemployment Cycles

Stock Market Crisis

Unprecedented Crime Spikes Unseen Before

Substantial Cost Increases for essentials

Aggressive Military Recruiting

Massive Government Surveillance Programs

Geopolitical Instability and Possible Confrontations

Further Contraction of Money in the Real Economy

Currency and Trade Wars between Nations Trading Blocks

Covert and Overt acts of violence nationally and geopolitical

Extraterrestrial Propaganda

Clean Food and Water Crisis of some kind

And finally viral outbreaks of some kind upon the horizon

If you could but reduce your exposure to the flags, and increase your none linear limited moves, you could win the game of success and prosperity, however by carefully cross-referencing the flags and the moves with broad swaths of diverse information relating to the flags and moves; will without question enable you uncommon insight and abilities which to some may appear to be unfathomable in comprehension, and always make room for the unknowns.

The world is still a big place and no matter where you go in it, there is always a landlord, and sometimes to be free and prosperous may mean that you may have to move around to find the right place to settle down and prosper in, this is the reality today, even if you are willing to adjust to the pains ahead, prepare yourself for a rough ride into the future, but by all means, keep your precious metals and business endeavors in top shape as certain options presented may become more attractive as the storm intensifies.