Gold and Silver Bullion Frightful Moment

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Gold and Silver Bullion Frightful Moment

As the title suggests; Gold and Silver bullion are so in demand by world Governments, Global Banks, Global Industries, and Institutions, the combination of which has pushed global demand to a dangerous point of price and availability volatility in several ways.

  1. Silver Bullion massive naked short positions by large financial institutions such as J.P Morgan and HSBC
  2. Gold and Silver mining costs are increasing under the weight of global demand creating possible shortages throughout the market including global mints limiting the distribution of coins and related products into their local economies and worldwide
  3. And finally, sovereign debt is a very big issue today, particularly among western nations which will at some point address the precious metals subject in their respective nations with a special emphasis on citizens’ precious metals holdings

If there is a squeeze first in the silver market a unique set of events will occur, silver will skyrocket in a matter of months and as a result, sudden panic will flood the market pushing gold to unprecedented levels. I would buy gold online now if it were me!

The combination of these multifaceted realities haunts the precious metals industry as a whole and cannot easily be explained away or marginalized by economic commentators.

Just recently there has been a string of events where banks that offer vault storage services for allocated precious metals account holders refused to release on-demand gold and silver bullion belonging to private parties, and with the threat of going public by the individual’s attorneys only then was the gold and silver bullion released after months of deliberation which should have only taken two to three days to release to the owner their personal property.

These recent events present a subtle yet glaring possibility of what banks are capable of and prepared to do to protect their interest, not the account holders’ interest this also includes funded accounts, even though the gold and silver bullion were storage items only, not a part of the bank’s assets but a private persons property that was stored and paid for each month without any late payments or related infractions.

What will these events mean for precious metals professionals and the general public, well for starters gold and silver bullion could quickly become scarce if say one or two billionaires moved into the market to purchase the remaining supplies of current and future bullion supplies, this event would surely alter the precious metals industry landscape and it would also create extreme scarcity throughout the global precious metals industry, this moment begins the countdown to uncertain but eventual events ahead.

However, while individuals would find it nearly impossible to obtain Gold and Silver bullion at reasonable prices, precious metals professionals will have access to whatever supplies are available because they are close to the resource, and have an intimate knowledge of the industry and its players, this is yet another reason why precious metals enterprising is the profession that will weather the global economic storm (public take notice).