Mission Statement

American Association for Safe Patient Handling & Movement Welcome to the American Association for Safe Patient Handling & Movement (AASPHM). The Association has been formed by a group of national safe patient handling and movement experts who reflect the inclusive approach the AASPHM has taken toward the development of the science and art of SPHM. Our mission statement reflects the need for research to be conducted into new technologies, for original and innovative studies in new areas and to validate existing conclusions, and for the dissemination of new knowledge to practitioners who are at the front line of service provision. Our commitment to professional development is demonstrated through our resource section, our educational programs and the support we provide for those who are leading new initiatives within their organizations or businesses. But equally important is the collaboration between all the stakeholders affected by SPHM. These include patients and their families, formal and informal caregivers, businesses who develop SPHM technologies and organizations who initiate the change to a safer patient handling culture.

To this end the mission of the American Association for Safe Patient Handling and Movement is to serve as a valuable resource to advance the practice of safe patient handling & movement through collaboration, professional development, and research initiatives, in order to improve the safety and function of patients and residents, as well as enhance the safety of those who provide their care.


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