Committees and Special Projects

Do you want to make a difference in Safe Patient Handling and Movement?

If so, please join AASPHM and add your expertise and experience to one of the following committees.  To join, please email, or click here to fill out our contact form.

Sling Safety Committee

This committee of key stakeholders comprised of members of the AASPHM  and other interested organizations was formed as a result of the  'Sling and Lift  - Can You Mix and Match?' meeting at the SPHM East conference in March 2013. The goals of this committee are to:

  1. To develop industry guidelines on sling and lift compatibility
    in the US
  2. To identify a process for the regulation of sling production,
    testing and compatibility in the US.
  3. To collaborate with the FDA to clarify (or possibly expand) their statement on
    sling and lift compatibility to reflect current evidence base and industry
    best practice

Click here for more information about this committee and to provide your input about this important topic.

Research Committee

The aim of the research committee is to contribute to the body of knowledge
supporting safe patient handling and movement practices, with an emphasis on
helping our members with research activities. The committee will explore
suggested topics as well as potential sources of support for research, and welcomes
participation from all Association members.

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