About Us


  • Foster collaboration among individuals, organizations, and associations with an interest in safe patient handling and movement (SPHM).
  • Promote professional development and education to advance the practice of SPHM.
  • Facilitate research initiatives to strengthen the evidence for SPHM in a variety of care environments.



  • Develop and maintain relationships with nursing, therapy, medicine, allied health, educators, researchers, risk managers, ergonomists, and other pro-fessionals with an interest in SPHM.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local, state, and federal agencies, healthcare organizations, equipment manufacturers, and consumer groups.
  • Provide education and professional development opportunities for members.
  • Provide an online resource for net-working with members and affiliated healthcare organizations.
  • Support research and publication of evidence-based practices for SPHM.
  • Act and speak to the general public who are consumers of products and services related to SPHM.

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