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Over 80 people attended the 2nd 'Lifts and Slings: Can you Mix and Match?' meeting that was  held on March 25th 2014 during the SPHM East Conference in Orlando. The AASPHM draft sling safety guidance document developed by the inter-organization sling safety committee was reviewed and discussed.
Click Here to view the meeting minutes.

The sling safety survey is now closed. Information about the sling safety guidance document will be posted soon.

Click on the following links to view the 2013 AASPHM Sling Meeting Notes
FDA statement about lifts and slings and related information from the UK Health and Safety Executive

As a result of this meeting the AASPHM established the work group of key stakeholders listed above in a collaborative effort to further explore and clarify this topic. We will post regular updates and related information about this topic on this website.

Sling Committee Members

Merl Miller, MS, ATC, CIE, CPEspan>Director AASPHM

Lynda Enos, RN, MS, COHN-S, CPE,  Committee Co-Chair AASPHM & Humanfit, LLC.
Lori Severson, MS, HEM, CSP, Director, Committee Co-Chair AASPHM & Lockton Companies, LLC.
Pat Alexander, MSc PGDip PGCE. National Back Exchange, United Kingdom
Teresa Boynton, MS, OTR, CSPHP. Formerly with Banner Health
Lena Deter, MPH, RN, CSPHP, LTC-SSC. DELHEC Educational Services
Traci Galinsky, Ph.D. NIOSH & AASPHM advisor
Tim Kuzma Alpha Modalities, LLC. AASPHM Affiliate member
Franciner (Diane) Riley, RKT, MS  Dorn U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Pat Vanderheiden Vancare, Inc, AASPHM Affiliate member
Pippa Wright Workplace Risk Management Consultancy, Australia
Heather M. Monaghan, MHSc. RN.

Merl Miller, MS,ATC,CIE,CPE


Past President AASPHM

Director AASPHM

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